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Drawing on the science of Rupert Sheldrake, Connectology was designed to measure changes in our bodies. It is an advanced formed of muscle testing and assessments can be done over the phone by listening to the microscopic changes in a voice. All treatments are in person of course.


The morphic field theory was created by Sheldrake to help explain how an acorn becomes a tree. Developmental Biology has not been able to find out how cells know which part of an organism they should become. Some cells develop into the root system, others the stem. His research has shown an electronic hard drive which accompanies DNA.

The next part of the assessment analyzes the client’s situation using Chinese medicine meridians. Meridians are lines of electricity which flow throughout the body. A meridian exists for every major organ in the body, such as heart, lung, etc, and is connected to every major emotion.

By combining the observation of morphic fields with Chinese Medicine Theory, Adam is able to offer an extremely insightful assessment in 60 seconds or less.

Adam has used this training to develop a method of custom-made essential oil blends. Essential oils have a long history of helping the body heal itself of allergies, infections, pain, injuries, disorders, emotional stress, mental stress, and various diseases.

The blends are always custom-made to the patient and his/her specific request. No two blends are ever the same.

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